a short infinite time ago

tore down a web
memory of you burned into my skull like fire
and i forgot who i was
for a little while





swam back to life and it didn’t hurt that bad
(why did I slip?)
doesn’t matter now (just slide)

been asleep for a thousand years thought I couldn’t breathe if I woke up without you by my side
but it’s been awhile and somehow I’m still alive

give me a good reason you couldn’t stay
give me any reason at all


believe in me
i’m not strong enough
to be weak
and too blind to see
what’s right in front of me

remember when
you were a familiar thing
instead of the ghost inside
a broken thing
forgive me i’m too
practiced to be meek
don’t break my wings
haven’t been here for awhile
everything’s so unfamiliar
was all this time
meant to mean something?
feels like we got so far
from who we were supposed to be

not you

don’t call me back
how many times have i lost you?
in dreams? but who’s counting those?
who can count me in?
there’s nowhere i can go where i don’t
wonder about what could have been
but now i know it would have ended the same either way
give me a love
like a ribbon wrapped around the finger
not a noose around my neck

what you do
what you do
what you do to me